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The actual beginning date of the Club is somewhat unknown, although November 24th 1926 is recognised as the official “birth date” on the first recorded minutes available.  This was a Committee Meeting held on that date, and was chaired by W.L Richards – the Clubs first President.

The official opening for the Club was held on 22 December 1926 is premises leased from Mrs L Kusabs and known as Colemans Building on the corner of Arawa and Tutanekai Street.  This was the Club location for the4 next 37 years.  Rental was 17 pounds 6/8 a month. Alcohol was dispensed by way of a locker system (bottled beverages) and 32 lockers were installed.  Members requiring a locker were charged 5/ for a key. Three billiard tables and 6 card tables were installed and a reading room and a “strangers” room (for visitors were set up.

On 17 November 1950 a Special Meeting was called as a property on the corner of Rangiuru and Arawa Street (known as Rimu House) had been offered to the Club for purchase.  It was decided to pay 50 pounds as an option payment.  At the following AGM held 28th November 1950, the proposal to purchase the building was carried.  There is no record of what the purchase price was but once obtained, the property was leased as accommodation.

At the AGM held on 12 November 1953 it was recommended that plans and specifications for a two or maybe three story building on Rimu House be prepared. Sketch plans were put on display which was approved in principal at the 1954 AGM.
Due to financial constraints it was not until March 14th 1962 was a tender from KH Hamilton be accepted to build the new Club. Rimu House was demolished and work to build the new Club commenced the same year with the completion date being January 1963. However four weeks after the work commenced, work was forced to stop due to council by laws and the plans had to be switched around after the building was incorrectly sited on the section. Work resumed after the hiccup was sorted out

July 6th 1963 the new Clubrooms was officially opened by The Rotorua Mayor Mr. A.M Linton.

May 1970 The Club purchased two adjacent sections. One on Arawa Street (this did not finalise until 1973) and Rangiuru Street

1973 The building on Rangiuru Street was removed and car parking put in its place.

1974 There was A SGM was a decision was made to relocate to Tallyho Street.

1976 AGM saw a motion to rescind the SGM motion of relocation due to financial constraints.  A motion was passed to give the members independent and unbiased summary of facts and that no further commitment or commencement be undertaken.

15th June 1977 a SGM was called to address the above and it was formally moved that the motion regarding the move to Tallyho Street be rescindered.   After the committee received legal advice, the Tallyho Street project was discontinued.

June 1980 demolishing of the building on Arawa Street commenced with intent of extending the existing Club

November 1983 Approval was given at a SGM to purchase of a property adjacent to the Rangiuru Street property that was purchased in 1970.

1986 saw the Clubs Diamond Jubilee and Ladies were able to be members on their own right.

1992 Saw the commencement of the Club extensions on the Arawa Street section which were finished May 1993

2009 A motion was passed to convert the second story of the Club to Accommodation

July 2011 Work commenced and was completed by September 2011. We now have 16 studio rooms and 2 dorm style rooms, with a Laundry and a lift to accommodate our members and affiliated members around New Zealand and Australia.

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We have first class accommodation available for economic prices. We have Backpacker type Rooms suitable for large groups or sports teams, Double, Single, Twin. No need to bring any linen or towels all are supplied. Prices range from $35.00per head to $120.00 room. (members prices + another $10.00 for non-members)

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Rotorua Citizens Club

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